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Edmund gagal menunjukkan kesungguhannya membantu Wikibuku Melayu.Selain itu, steward dari meta-wiki,Spacebirdy menolak permohonan Edmund walapun pengundia belum selesai.SekianPutera Luqman Tunku Andre 08:28, 26 Februari 2008 (UTC)Balas[balas]

Edmundwoods (Perbualan · Sumbangan · Statistik)



  1.   Setuju - Saya sokong perlantikan sementara Mr Edmund sebagai penyelia! — Imran Al-Sahih 18:28, 20 Februari 2008 (UTC)~Balas[balas]
  2.   Setuju SANGAT SETUJU! Boy is this my first vote here? Great then, so would this be my very first vote in the whole of Wiki I ever had in my entire life! Indeed many voting events or elections currently happening around us nowadays! Concerning Edmund, I am very certain that he does have what it takes to be an administrator given the fact that he is already holding that position from the Malay Wikipedia. I do hope that through this Wikibooks, it will supply him with better exposure to learn much more and also it will enable him to understand fully about the Wiki even deeper. To Edmund, remember what Uncle Benjamin Parker use to say from the Spider-Man film series: "With great power comes with great responsibility!" All the best in your campaign, God bless! On Wheezier Plot 18:56, 20 Februari 2008 (UTC)Balas[balas]
  3.   Setuju Didie 03:02, 22 Februari 2008 (UTC)Balas[balas]


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